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Jorge Serras

Jorge Serras

Electrical Engineer

FullStack Developer



Lisbon, Portugal

I'm constantly engaging in new projects and ideas to enhance myself and others around me. Interested in remodeling a business or create something unique?



Foreign startup (associated with Nomad Card City) which aims at providing cashback rewards for customers through a Shopify app for online stores. All the Front-End was developed by myself.

Online stores do not have to worry about managing rewards for their customers with Tribrs, they just need to install our Shopify plugin/add-on and Tribrs automatically creates a cashback system for users registered in the store as well as new customers. All possible thanks to integrations using Shopify's development tools.

An iframe appears at the store and also in the checkout phase to ensure users earn cash back with their purchases while becoming loyal customers.


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Map view Nomad Card
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