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Jorge Serras

Jorge Serras

Electrical Engineer

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Lisbon, Portugal

I'm constantly engaging in new projects and ideas to enhance myself and others around me. Interested in remodeling a business or create something unique?

Nomad Card City


Nomad Card City is a startup aiming at providing cashback rewards for customers of local businesses through gamification. Nomad Card is a mobile-first PWA web app (with GeoLocation and QR scanning). All the Front-End and part of the Back-End were developed by myself.

Customers registered in our app have a unique QR code that is scanned when checking out from any establishment (restaurant, hotel, gym...) partnered with Nomad Card City. The cashback reward received can then be spent in any partnered business in a future checkout. The more you spent, the higher your level which comes with a greater cashback percentage.

The images are displayed below shows a glimpse of the web app built.


Landing Page Nomad Card
Landing Page Listings Nomad Card
Level view Nomad Card
Map view Nomad Card


Landing Page mobile Nomad Card
Listing view mobile Nomad Card
Serach Listings mobile Nomad Card
Map mobile Nomad Card
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